NC lottery takes step toward more online sales

NC lottery takes step toward more online sales - North Carolina lottery leaders took a key step Tuesday toward expanding online sales, but left themselves a way out if they aren’t satisfied with the details or face opposition from brick-and-mortar retailers or politicians.Get more news about 彩票包网,you can vist The state lottery commission voted for the idea of offering “digital instants” through the lottery website without yet officially directing that these online games begin. Lottery leaders have talked for more than two years about these online games, which supporters say could bring in new revenues as growth in some traditional lottery games has slowed or failed to meet expectations. “We’re seeing some other games that we generally rely on a great deal dissipate,” commission member Morgan Beam said at the quarterly meeting. “We’ve talked for hours on end … I don’t see that path without some technological advancements in different types of games.” Essentially the electronic equivalent of


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